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The The PDPA makes these Standard Contractual Clauses applicable when a contractor’s data processing involves such transfers. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 24K. If you prefer to buy functions separately you can do so by purchasing NRG tokens. Applies to anyone who maintains or operates UW-Madison electronic services that are secured by access controls. Top Modern Metagame decks A complete list of the top Modern tier 1 decks updated to August 2019. III. Approved 6/15/2015. Can I take the survey if I did not receive the invitation e-mail? The Saturday Program is an enrichment program offered by the Robinson Center for Young Scholars for students currently in grades K-8. Decklists Standings Decklists [decklist] Title: zachattack23 (8-0) Subtitle: Modern MOCS #11917873 on 07/14/2019 Format: Modern MOCS 2 Blast Zone 1 Cavern of Souls 4 Eldrazi Temple 2 Ghost Quarter 1 Scavenger Grounds 4 Urza's Mine 4 Urza's Power Plant 4 Urza's Tower 2 Wastes 2 Endbringer 4 Matter Reshaper UW PACC ©2019 University of Washington . 6 out of 10 which is based on our evaluation of 21 pieces of research and data elements UW Administrative Policy Statements APS 2. . " Taken the Certificate in C Programming (no longer offered through UW Professional & Continuing Education, but past recipients will be honored) If you need a refresher or solid foundation before beginning this program, we recommend taking Foundations of C Programming . Loading UW Control - Standard - May 1st, 2019 Jeff Hoogland. The best Magic the Gathering Decks on MTG Vault right now. 5%. pro who won the Mythic Championship in Cleveland in 2019. UW Tacoma utilizes a electronic access card-operated security system to control after-hours access to buildings and most computer labs and classrooms. Reporting classroom problems. The purpose of this policy is to establish standards that help ensure relationships between System, UW institutions and Primary Fundraising Foundations and Other Affiliated Organizations, including primary and real estate foundations, are productive, efficient, and beneficial to the UW System or a UW Two of UW-Madison's oldest, most heralded departments look to merge. Learn how to plan the system architecture, evaluate open protocols, and follow best practices for a variety of HVAC applications. The decklist I used is pretty standard and straightforward. WRF has a long history of support for the University of Washington, with all-time philanthropic support totaling $88. Relacja z Paprykarza Open #8 – o tym jak Elfy zaistniały w Szczecinie pachnący świeżością Standard · Elfball na GP Bolonia w modernie · UW Control bije Magic Core Set 2019 by Sołtys · Dominaria – dokładna analiza spoilera  Teferi, Time Raveler Narset, Parter of Veils Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Both are still negative against Titanshift. Modern Horizons promises to reshape Modern, and Joel has updated lists ready with some of the best cards. from the UW Control Archtype from Magic Players Championship UW-IT Design Guide ` Design guide for voice, data and wireless communications. PANELISTS: U/W Control has established itself as a pillar of current Standard. All students completing their degree summer 2018 through summer 2019 are encouraged to participate in the ceremony. Staff of the Harborview and UW Medical Centers and non-UW-affiliated patients of the medical centers are not eligible to participate. The scenarios in this short training offer providers an opportunity practice and refine skills for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our LGBTQ patients. He's here to tell you exactly how to build and sideboard with Esper in Standard. Share Tweet Share Hazard Control. Format: Modern. For more info you can check the Banned and Restricted Cards on wizards site. Compensation develops and administers the compensation and classification programs that help the UW attract, retain, and motivate UW staff. Windows File Service (WFS) provides IT departments scalable and secure file-based storage targeted towards Windows clients. Save money. Opportunities and Openings Ph. Subject: Hazard Control Effective Date: July 1994 Revision Dates: January 2002, September 2008, June 2015, January 2016 Purpose. " If you play any amount of Standard, it should be obvious The DeckHub Twitch extension is used by Twitch streamers to display their currently played deck in the video overlay. Our goals include advancing the standard of brain cancer care, regionally and nationally. Details of your specific project or activity may require heightened and customized security measures, assessed by the Research Security Team. All conferences and field trips are expected to have their meals in the Dining Hall except during the occasional times when the Dining Hall is closed. After a quick install you can select any public deck on AetherHub to be displayed in your overlay, here is how you set it up: Most of these are under your control, and because your writing is how you communicate all of the above, it's the most important thing you can improve. Nicholas D'Ambrosia, Senior Director of Software and Firmware Engineering, Echodyne, Inc. Policies Acknowledgement of Receipt Policy Access Control Standard Mobile Device Standard Remote Access Standard Quick Links Cell Phone Conference Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of CSSS discuss how such information can be leveraged to handle nonignorable missing data, including allowing different mechanisms for unit and item nonresponse (e. Why not submit your own and see how you compare? Updated 6/3/2019 AEB Small Animal Patients Needed for Clinical Studies June 2019 The following clinical studies are recruiting patients at UW Veterinary Care. Information Technology is available for classroom support, including: faculty, student and guest presentation assistance, computer and media equipment training and troubleshooting, and additional equipment setup. 2019 Jonathan Rosum is one of the SCG Tour's most renowned control players. Share Article. The paper is made from 100% sugarcane waste fiber, is recyclable in the standard paper recycling bins throughout campus and meets the state requirement to purchase 100% recycled content white bond paper. Standard Format. Posted in MTGO Standings on July 14, 2019 . MTG FNM17時の部 - 2019/1/4  Blue-White Control deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG). Their analysis deviates from standard econometric practice in two key dimensions: failing to control for long-term time trends in health care costs and failing to adjust their expenditure data for inflation. Sample Deck. II. This page lists both current and past elective courses offered by the Foster School at various times of the year, but is not an exhaustive list. Upon recommendation by the UW System CISO, in concurrence with the UW System CIO, the compensating control will be routed to the UW System AVP for Information Security for approval. Presentations focus on bridging the gap between disease treatment and the latest advances in translational and basic research. Jul 12 2019 : Aug 18 2019 11:55 PM : The Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health is seeking a Grants Administrator, Pre-Award. File sharing is provided via the CIFS (SMBv2/SMBv3) protocol; the standard method provided by a Windows file server. This course covers the role and responsibility of the employer to develop and implement an energy control program, or lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) for the protection of workers while performing servicing and maintenance activities on machinery and equipment. The Access Control Services Policy requires use of institutionally managed access control services as suitable services become available. Jul 30 2019 : Aug 23 2019 11:55 PM : The Southeast Asian Language Council (SEALC), Luce grant program coordinator is a 50% position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Read more about Premium. Oct 1995 UW Creative Communications is excited to announce that their new standard office and production paper copier/printer paper is TreeZero. S. Hipsters is proudly sponsored by: Team Nova’s Austin Collins plays through an MTGO Standard League with UW Control! Don't Miss Out! Mythic Championship III takes place this weekend in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. ©2019 University of Washington UW PACC Psychiatry and Addictions Case Conference UW Medicine | Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences WELCOME! Today’s Topic: Strategies to help my patients on Meth I am having trouble with my patients using methamphetamine. 16. , All UW faculty, staff, and matriculated students on the UW’s Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell campuses are invited to take this survey. Standard (Type II) can be composed of cards from the most recent edition of Magic The Gathering (Fourth Edition at the time), white border extensions (Chronicles) and all available limited edition expansions (Ice Age, Fallen Empires and soon Homelands). MSRP: $32,150 - 37,350 The 2019 Lexus UX ranked #3 in Luxury Subcompact SUVs. 10. If you expect lots of Bant Spirits and Storm, play Jeskai. 1: Aaron Barich: 52: 2: Jeremy Bertarioni: 38: 3: Pete Ingram: 34: 4: Joseph Horton: 33: 5: Christopher Johnson Modern Challenge. Any input is appreciated, i'm a Standard UW Control decks from the best players around the world. Proper documentation provides evidence of what has transpired as well as provides information for researching discrepancies. Online; Paper; Arena; My Price  UW Control deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG). Procedure 1. These two  Standard. Buy or rent. I chose a simpler list without any weird or unusual sideboard tech so that it is a I honestly didn’t think there was a reasonable UW Control list in Standard right now, but the deck I found that was played to a 6-1 finish in a Magic Online PTQ by echecetmat35 contradicts that theory. To provide policy for control of all hazards to patients, students, residents, staff, and faculty who are at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. , et al. Budget constraints, aging faculty and a need for innovation are driving the possible combination of two cornerstone UW-Madison The sub-standard treatment of LGBTQ patients is a critical population health issue, and addressing this gap is part of UW Medicine’s mission to improve the health of the public. UW Control constructed deck list and prices for the Magic the Gathering TCG. Food service is provided by FHL’s Dining Hall. These Standard Contractual Clauses are issued by the European Commission and cannot be modified. Original Issuance Date: January 25, 2019 Last Revision Date: May 29, 2019 1. Policy Purpose. -. Deck UW control 2019, Modern, 9 days ago, Ojete75, $889, 95. Department Overview: Waisman Biomanufacturing in the Waisman Center at UW is a pilot-scale clean room facility that produces biopharmaceutical therapeutics for Phase I/II human clinical trials according to FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s). We have published more than 2838 Standard decks in the last 2 weeks! I couldn't find any updated UW Control Sideboard Guides so I decided to make my own with the help of some folks over at the Control Freaks Discord Server (thanks a lot to everyone who helped me out). R. Establishes and summarizes the best practices for aggregate reporting at UW. By Joel Larsson // 29 May, 2019. Modern Horizons Brings New Staples for a Ton of Modern Archetypes. Expand your knowledge of direct digital control (DDC) for HVAC building systems. 1029: Preferred Name Guideline Previously banned cards in Standard [edit | edit source] See also: Timeline of DCI bans and restrictions. ChooseMyPlate. The part that's not under your control is how many other students share your same achievements, interests and goals. UW-Green Bay Cellular Telephone Instructions & Justification of Need Form Automated Payment Service Authorization Reimbursement Form for Personal Use of State-Owned Cellular Phone Cell Phone Order Request Form. Jonathan Rosum-05. The Washington State Department of Ecology has updated the hazardous waste regulations to incorporate the EPA’s “new generator improvement” rules. The Gained in Translation Symposium is a meeting of clinicians and vision scientists from University of Washington, University of British Columbia, and Oregon Health Sciences University. Loading Unsubscribe from Jeff Hoogland? Cancel Unsubscribe. Any control measures above and beyond the standard University requirements are integrated into the Security Control Measures form before it is Food Safety and Health - UW-Madison. Anonymous, Grixis Control (WAR Standard). Interested candidates should also email me their resume January 2019 ᅵ Page 9 of 105 FORWARD This policy and procedures manual was developed by the University of Washington Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department to provide information to protect workers and the surrounding environment and to achieve compliance with applicable standards and regulations. The program coordinator has primary responsibility for day-to-day management of the project, Professional and Materials Development to Strengthen Southeast Asian Language David & Travis talk about Esper Control in Standard and why you should be trying out this deck. Deck  Color U. We have a very powerful UW Control deck in Standard that doesn't . UW Ophthalmology faculty members teach in multiple locations, serve patients in neighborhood clinics, and give eye care talks to the public. The biggest changes are to the requirements for labeling hazardous waste. #1 Orzhov Vampires (Christian Hauck) UW Control. Updated Jun 17, 2019 by Electric-Type98 using our MTG Deck Builder. Loading The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. I lucked into a \[\[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria\]\] and would like to take advantage of it in standard to build a somewhat budget UW Control deck. New findings show how a genetically aberrant, fused protein promotes a rare form of liver cancer in adolescents and young adults. UW Control - Standard - June 24th, 2019 Jeff Hoogland. Arnold Berger, Professor, Computing and Software Systems, University of Washington. If you never tried your hand at Modern, this Magic: The Gathering Net Decks, Metagame analysis, Legacy, Modern, Vintage, Standard, Extended and Block Decks, Deckcheck, RSS-Feed and more Spring 2019. Format: Standard Sep 23, 2018. If you are new to the Student Database, please visit the Registrar’s Help Center to learn about available training options, and your responsibilities regarding confidentiality and FERPA. Food Service. Client computers which are capable of connecting via SMB Updated Aug 07, 2019 by KeoneMakai using our MTG Deck Builder. This recommendation was approved by Medical Center leadership and is now moving through the final stages of the project change control process. The UW Student Data Base (SDB), also known as Keynes, is a university-wide system for managing student records and student data. Researchers worked with global experts to develop and implement Psychosis REACH. She partnered with Richling and Bailey, as well as UW Law Professor Pat Kuszler, to chisel the program into its current form. 9. package dependent UW Control constructed deck list and prices for the Magic the Gathering TCG. You may cl A blood/bone marrow transplant (also known as a stem cell transplant) is one treatment option for patients with serious blood, immune system or genetic disorders. UW Rule of Law (M20 only, Budget), Standard, 2 days ago, Akira Foxmind, $26, 66. UW Medicine is pursuing multiple mechanisms of care: The nation’s first program to teach evidence-based skills to help people whose relatives or friends have psychotic disorders in being launched May 14. The researchers also saw that a certain mix of drugs could target the fused protein and the enzymes that it recruits. EE 590 — Mobile Applications for Sensing and Control (Arjona) EE 527 — Microfabrication (Li) EE 518 — Digital Signal Processing (Das) EE 579 — Antennas for Modern Wireless Devices (Kuga) EE 596 — Deep Learning (Bilmes) EE 559 — Data Science for Power Systems (Zhang) Summer 2019 For additional information, please email fhlconf@uw. Supporting documentation may come in paper or electronic form. - Make half your plate fruits & veggies. Jeskai has the edge in five matchups over UW Control (Bant Spirits, Humans, Jund, Storm, Titanshift), but UW Control is still positive in the Humans and Jund matchup. Price: $131. Color R. Applicability This procedure applies to any situation where extramural support is or will be received and the intent of the funding or the category of support is unclear. 3 Core Set 2019 Season Edit. New label requirements are in effect as of April 28, 2019. In this course, you will receive an introduction to this emerging and rapidly growing field. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. While the result wasn This 5-week course will focus on learning techniques in neurobiological research such as behavioral recording and analysis, electrophysiology of intact and reduced preparations, voltage clamp and pharmacology, immunohistochemistry, and confocal microscopy of neural structures. MSE 2019 Graduation Ceremony Saturday, Jun 15, 2019, 9:30 – 11:30 a. To help minimize risk and impact to NWH/UWP employees moving to UW benefits, a recommendation was brought forward in support of offering the opportunity for transitioning staff to pre-enroll in benefits. Mooney knows the challenges better than just about anyone. Read MTGO Based Articles or Become a Writer for PureMTGO and earn some credit! The site features the complete package for you to write articles including man features that make writing magic articles easy and fun! Power electronics is the application of solid-state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power, and is present in most electronic devices. edu or phone 206-221-4098. Last Modified On: 6/15/2019 Season Two SCG Points. 5 and APS 2. 52 %. The School of Dentistry is committed to protecting all patients, students, staff, and faculty by ensuring safety and infection control standards and state, federal and CODA requirements are met. Anonymous, Budget UW Flyers, 3 . Ravnica Allegiance: Guild Kits Standard Format. UW Control take 2!! Less birbs this time!! UW ERC 2019 Symposium 11 Need correct temperature for NOx control Lighting off quickly and maintaining temperature at light loads takes fuel DPF regeneration temperatures are at edges (or beyond) of most SCR formulations capability • Need to manage UAF Catalyst positions-close coupled, etc. These classes are intended to provide intellectually ambitious students with challenge, inspiration, and fun, in a collaborative, supportive learning environment. This is the list I've arrived at for UW Control spark standard. For immediate on-campus classroom assistance, call 253-692-4357 (or 2-4357 from any campus phone). D. Most individual offices are secured with standard key locks. SDB. COMMON OR USUALLY MORE CHALLENGING? If you treat SUDS, situation may be all too familiar: *Kooij, J. We have published more than FNM17時の部 - 2019/1/4. S. 5 million. Students: Students with interests in controls, power electronics, and/or power systems are encouraged to apply for admission in the Fall 2019 semester. Transplant is often recommended because the disease does not respond to standard chemotherapy or because the disease has returned after treatment with standard chemotherapy. It will be the very first Mythic Championship played on MTG Arena and we’ll be watching action packed games of Best-of-Three Standard all weekend long! Here is the metagame breakdown for the event from Wizards of the I went into Esper Dragons for this standard (having been UB, UB Dragons and Sultai control the past standard since Khans) since the removal is so bad, we kinda need to hit a few creatures with counterspells instead of removal, and there is no better counterspell than actual Counterspell - Scorn with dragon reveal/controlled. This position will be responsible for research grants administration duties for research projects within the Department of Radiology. Format: Arena Standard Apr 05, 2019. Uw Control · Rory Conwell · MCQ Barcelona at Mox Bellevue, 3-4, 11/05/19. The UW-IT Design Guide is a subset of the Facilities Services Design Guide. J. Stinkweed  1 May 2018 Playing U/W Control In Dominaria Standard, A StarCityGames. To link to the Facilities Engineering Design Guide go to Facilities Services Design Guide Search Results for Standard Magic Decks. Currently the Lexus UX has a score of 7. QUALITY CONTROL SPECIALIST Updated 7/1/2019 AEB Small Animal Patients Needed for Clinical Studies July 2019 The following clinical studies are recruiting patients at UW Veterinary Care. Online; Paper; Arena; My Price (Online); My Price (Paper )  U/W Control has presented Modern with a new kind of problem—one you can't just solve with Preparing for Nationals: Core Set 2019 Limited and Standard. UW Control appears better than Jeskai Control. We also support clinical and basic brain cancer research and education, which improves the lives of our patients. News Best Price Program to find the best local prices on the UX. UW Control deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG). Please note  14 Sep 2018 Today we will focus on the mythics of Core 2019, continuing to use our . Pay Tables - Compensation If you know the pay table you wish to view you can access the pay tables directly from the tables and links on this page. Thanks to Ron’s thoughtful leadership and the support of WRF board members, WRF has made significant investments to grow STEM education programs and support faculty and research centers at the UW. Meta: 4. The volume of applicants is what makes odds of admission so low. Hello and welcome back to the State of Modern, our monthly rendez-vous with all things Modern, including big tournament reports, the decklists and prices for the archetypes that are currently the most successful in the meta, and an up-to-date ban list. UW departments and units that use the Standard Contractual Clauses may only populate the highlighted placeholders. July 25, 2019 –Station Field Day this week! UWEX Langlade County Airport Research Station Field Day, Antigo, WI August 2, 2019 – UW-Lelah Starks Elite Foundation Seed Potato Farm Field Day, Rhinelander, WI December 3-5, 2019 – Midwest Food Producers Association Annual Convention/Processing Crops Conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI The UW Control archetype is generally designed to drown opponents in card advantage, answer threats one-for-one via counters and removals, stabilize the board with Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks. gov helps you focus on key behaviors: - Enjoy food, but eat less. UW Control by Thonker. The UW Law alumna practiced for 10 years before her legal work in the medical field inspired her to become a doctor. g. - Avoid oversized portions. The Access Control Services Standard is the implementation of the Access Controls Services Policy. The free, daylong training will be held on the UW campus in “The main lesson I learned from my application process was to apply to everything that you would reasonably be able to do and to get started on your application materials like your resume and cover letters early so as to expedite the application processes. 1028: UW Installation of Tableau Public: Outlines the administration and usage of a UW onsite installation of Tableau that enables UW campus users to publish visualizations to users outside of UW. UW Control · Team5c · MTGO Competitive Standard League, 7, 09/05/19. Latest Set: War of the Spark. Like it's predecessor, Modern UW Control combines the spell control offered by blue with the board control offered by white. For customers who are not yet ready for the cloud, Office offers three suites that are available through volume licensing—Office Professional Plus 2019, Office Standard 2019, and Office Standard 2019 for Mac. 4 May 2018 For the past several months, Standard has been dominated by two titanic threats: Hazoret the Fervent and The Scarab God. Tick. Standard UW Control decks from the best players around the world. Unlimited Private/Open decks, Favorite decks, Deck Folders, Collections and Binders!No ads, plus other benefits with the AetherHub Premium Account. Decks: 16. Color B. Use the U. Viewing 1 - 50 of 187864 decks matching your search Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date; Pointy Ears Magic: The Gathering Net Decks, Metagame analysis, Legacy, Modern, Vintage, Standard, Extended and Block Decks, Deckcheck, RSS-Feed and more His present research focus is on control and operation of medium voltage and cascaded converter systems. These standards and requirements include, among others, workforce training, clinic inspections, policies, procedure manuals, immunizations, and event If there are any concerns, the institutional CIO and UW System CISO will engage with subject matter experts as needed. Debalina Datta, Program Manager, International & Academic Programs, UW Continuum College. will affect the way UW Oshkosh accounts for the funds and reports on the use of the funds to the sponsor or donor. The neuro-oncology program of UW Medicine and SCCA has been a one-of-a-kind asset for brain cancer care in the Northwest for decades. Any input is appreciated, i'm a Updated Jun 17, 2019 by Electric-Type98 using our MTG Deck Builder. This is a complete functional 60 card UW Control Modern deck with 15 card sideboard and 15 card maybeboard, including the soon-to-be-modern-legal Flusterstorm! As always, what you see is what you get; one click, whole thing, no BS. Challenger Deck 2019 Sealed Product. Otherwise, play UW Control. The primary content of the overall design guide is maintained by Campus Engineering. If you need fewer than five licenses, see the comparison page for other Office suites. All key and card access requests are handled online. Browse > Home / Decks / Standard / UW Control UW Control All original content on this page is UW Control - Standard 2019 WAR deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG). 18 Jun 2019 2019/06/18 00:00 Given that MTG Arena is all about Standard, the actual Magic has been shifting a lot towards Modern I think that a big part of it was the fact that I was playing UW Control – if you are looking for a deck that  3 Jul 2019 June 7: StarCityGames Invitational: Roanoke (Standard + Modern) Top 8: Jund , UW Control, Hogaak Dredge, Izzet Phoenix, The Rock,  Standard(Decks, Events, Metagame & more) CMSeries Frankfurt 2019 - Standard. The deck plays with a ton of powerful yet flexible cards and maximizes the effectiveness of the format's best spell: Sphinx's Riddle: "For four or more, you'll play no more. com ® Premium Leading up to this last weekend's Standard Magic Online PTQ, one thing in . Autumn 2019 graduates are also eligible to participate in the MSE ceremony (but not the ceremony in Husky Stadium). See how we serve. "Updated European Consensus Statement on diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD. Then Travis has an assertions : Every game is Candy Land or Chess. Is there anything I can do to help them? Justin Stamschror, MD 04/25/2019 . Should a banned card which rotated out of standard be later reintroduced into standard, the ban will not carry over to that set. DDC Controls . Together, the combination offers answers both on the stack and on the battlefield. Rack Control RW Vise Orb RG Vise Age (Burn) Oct 1995 New deck construction rules. Second, we re-evaluate the recent Flanders and Williams report (Flanders and Williams, 2019). Classroom support. UW Control distinguishes itself from a UW Midrange strategy by including board sweepers like Supreme Verdict and/or Wrath of God in the Today I'm going to go over the U/W Control deck I played at Grand Prix Bochum, where I finished in 29th place with the following list: U/W Control Stanislav Cifka 29th Place at Grand Prix on 11/18/2012 My final record at the GP was 12-4 including three byes, so 9-4 in matches. In recent years, more often, official supporting documentation has moved from paper based to electronic forms. May 7, 2019 · 1 min to read . Neil Fenichel, President, Signal Interface Group PureMTGO is dedicated to purely MTGO, Magic the Gathering Online only content. UW Ophthalmology has a presence all over Washington. The following is a list of cards that have been banned at one point during their stay in the Standard environment. m. uw control standard 2019